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BA in Music: Performance Track

An audition is required to declare the Performance Track. Please refer to Declaring a Music Major & Advising for more details.

Performance (12 hrs)

  • MUS 300 Ensemble (4 hrs)
  • MUS 320 Applied Music (8 hrs)
  • In order to enroll in MUS 320 Applied Lessons for Music Majors, students pursuing the performance track must be co-enrolled in an ensemble in the same semester.*
  • Students pursuing the Performance Track are encouraged to enroll in Applied Music and Ensembles every semester until graduation. A total of 16 hours of MUS 300 and MUS 320 will count toward the 124 hours for graduation.

*The ensembles that fulfill the requirement for the music major are ANY MUS 300 or 301 course.

Visit Performance Opportunities for a comprehensive list of ensembles and private lessons.

Theory/Analysis (15 hrs)

  • MUS 120 (1 credit)
  • MUS 121 (4 credits)
  • MUS 122
  • MUS 221

History/Culture (9 hrs)

  • MUS 200 Music, Culture, and Society
  • History & Culture Category A: choose one course
  • History & Culture Category A or B: choose one course

Electives (9 hrs)

  • Choose one advanced theory and analysis course or history and culture course from the following list: MUS 222, MUS 245, MUS 350, MUS 444, or one course from History/Culture/Theory Category C.
  • Choose two electives at the 200-level or higher from any of the department's offerings.

Optional: If approved, a student may present a solo recital during their junior or senior year. Students with a GPA of 3.7 or higher may submit a proposal to present an honors recital in the music performance track. See Honors Program guidelines for detailed information.