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Resources and Facilities

Completed in 2003, the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts houses the renowned 825-seat Cherry Logan Emerson Concert Hall, Tharp Rehearsal Hall, multiple chamber music and practice rooms, teaching studios, and smart classrooms. The facility also features dedicated percussion studios, a harp room, a double reed room, and performance faculty studios. Enrolled music students have access to practice rooms in the Schwartz Center.

Emerson Concert Hall features a choral balcony, an orchestra pit, and the Daniel Jaeckel Opus 45 Pipe Organ, installed in 2005. The architecture is a “shoebox design” based on the Musikverein Concert Hall in Vienna, the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Concert Hall, and Boston Symphony Hall. The state-of-the-art acoustical banner system can be adjusted to make the space acoustically correct for any kind of ensemble or concert performance.

1700 North Decatur Road
Atlanta, GA 30322

The Burlington Road Building (BRB) offers a range of multimedia smart classrooms, practice rooms, dedicated jazz studios, an electronic music studio, a world music instrument room, and also faculty and administrative offices.

The BRB complex includes the 240-seat Performing Arts Studio (PAS), which accommodates classes, workshops, and rehearsals for many smaller ensembles. PAS presents performances by the Department of Music and other Emory arts groups.

Located in the Burlington Road Building, there are four studios designated to music composition. See more about these various studios here.

Emory’s Performing Arts Studio (PAS) is the Department of Music's original 240-seat concert hall. PAS holds classes, rehearsals, recitals, and workshops during the day and is home to ensembles and performances for the Department of Music at night and on select weekends.

  • The Performing Arts Studio is a multi-functional space, equipped with a state of the art Digital ETC ION Lighting Board and PreSonus Digital Sound Board.
  • When not in use by the Department of Music, PAS can be rented for performances by other Emory departments or student-run groups, such as AHANA Dance.
  • The Performing Arts Studio may be available to groups outside Emory on a case-by-case basis, particularly during the months of January–February and June–September.

The World Music Studio, located on the first floor of the Burlington Road Building, is home to the Emory Gamelan Ensemble and the North Indian Ensemble. The space also holds a collection of instruments for Chinese orchestra ensemble, Korean percussion ensemble, and Javanese and Sundanese gamelan, as well as Acehnese rapai frame drums, and South Asian tabla, sitar, and harmonium. The studio is equipped with mirrors, which are used in rehearsals by small dance ensembles.

Music Facilities Access & Locker Requests

Access to music facilities and lockers is available for use by students who are taking classes, ensembles, or lessons with Department of Music Faculty and Artist Affiliates.

Practice Rooms & BRB Classrooms

Complete form to gain card access.

Music Facilities Access Request Form

Locker Requests - Burlington Road Building

Visit the Department of Music's Main Office in BRB 230.
Department Email

Locker Requests - Schwartz Center

See Martha Shockey in Schwartz 210.

Office Hours: M-F 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Martha's Email