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Jazz Auditions

Emory Jazz Auditions take place early in the fall semester in Strickland Jazz Studio (BRB 114). Please sign up via eAudition. 

Prospective students should prepare two jazz standards with contrasting tempos and styles demonstrating their ability to state the melody, improvise and interact within a live trio or quartet setting. You may also submit a video recording with backing tracks for each of the two jazz standards. Pianists and guitarists should demonstrate their ability to comp and solo.

Bassists should demonstrate their ability to create a walking bass line. Drummers should demonstrate their ability to use sticks, brushes, and mallets and play contrasting styles such as swing (medium and up-tempo, bossa nova, etc.)

Recommended tunes include: "Just Friends", "Out of Nowhere", "Time After Time", "Blue Bossa", "Straight, No Chaser", etc.

Submission Format

We request that all jazz applicants submit audio and video files online rather than by mail. Students should submit a link to an unlisted prescreening video uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. Audio recordings should be submitted as MP3 files.

Video Guidelines

  • Title the video file as "EmoryJazzAudition-YOUR-NAME-DATE"
  • You may submit up to two videos demonstrating contrasting styles
  • Upload video to YouTube or Vimeo as an unlisted video and provide a viewing link via email

Audio Guidelines

  • Refer to the general auditions guidelines above regarding content.
  • Each song should be recorded as a separate audio file.
  • Each MP3 file should not exceed 10 MB in size.
  • Filename should be "last name_first initial_instrument_style" i.e. smith_j_sax_bossa
  • Each audio file should be attached to a separate email to ensure delivery.

Email Submissions

Send video links and audio files along with contact information to:

Professor Gary Motley,