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Emory Jazz Alliance

The Emory Jazz Alliance is an organization devoted to supporting jazz education, awareness, and performance at Emory University. The mission of the Emory Jazz Alliance has three parts:

Philanthropy: Support Emory Jazz Studies by providing funding for instruments, equipment for the Jazz Studio, the Jazz Music library; Fund affiliate jazz faculty, visiting instructors, and music lessons for students, computer hardware and software, and travel.

Performance: Support the Emory Jazz Festival now and into the future; support and encourage other jazz performances at Emory; support collaborative efforts at composition and performance with local and regional resources and organizations.

Awareness: Raise visibility of Jazz at Emory and in the community; Encourage university, community, foundation, and corporate involvement in the Jazz Program at Emory; Promote Jazz-focused collaborations with local venues, jazz festivals, public and private organizations that encourage and support jazz music, musicians, junior high and high school students.

Students of Emory Jazz have been a part of an exceptional and nurturing space that prepares students to be the next generation of jazz artists, but also creates connections and educational experiences with the industry’s top jazz artists. The generosity of donors like you ensure that we can continue to provide these opportunities to students now and in to the future.

Visit the Emory Engagement website to make your online donation to the Emory Jazz Alliance.