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Jazz Focus

As a part of the music major, the jazz focus is designed to give students a solid foundation in the tradition and common practices of the jazz genre. As a part of the music major, we offer comprehensive coursework in jazz improvisation, history, theory and analysis, and arranging. These include:

115 - Jazz: Its Evolution & Essence
240 - Jazz Improvisation I
245 - Jazz Theory
270 - Music of the Harlem Renaissance
270 - Bebop and Beyond: Jazz 1945 to the present
302 - American Music
340 - Jazz Improvisation II
470 - Black Music: Culture, Commerce & the Racial Imagination
470 - Music & Cultural Revolution since the 1960s
300 - Ensemble: Emory Big Band
300 - Ensemble: Emory Jazz Combos

Private Study

Individual study is available to all jazz students at Emory. Lessons are available to all students either for academic credit (music major), academic credit (non-major) or simply non-academic credit. Those choosing to receive academic credit must perform a jury at the end of each semester of private instruction.

Jazz Jury Requirements

Juries are required for all jazz students receiving academic credit for private study. These juries are held at the end of the fall and spring semesters. At the discretion of the instructor, juries will consist of jazz songs, technical studies, and transcriptions. All students must perform at least one selection with rhythm section accompaniment.

Program Requirements

As a unique part of the liberal arts experience, the Jazz Studies Program at Emory is open to all students by audition. While the jazz focus is designed to accommodate those students who have an extensive interest in jazz, it is also possible for students to participate in ensembles and engage in private study as non-majors.