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Faculty and Artist Affiliates

Our distinguished faculty and artist affiliates are active performers, scholars, and composers as well as dedicated teachers. Please use the search function below to filter for performance or research area.

James Abbington Headshot
James Abbington
Associate Professor of Church Music and Worship
Candler School of Theology
Timothy Albrecht Headshot
Timothy Albrecht
Professor of Organ
Burlington Road Building, Room 330
Dwight Andrews Headshot
Dwight Andrews
Professor of Music Theory & African American Music
Burlington Road Building, Room 218
Laura Ardan Headshot
Laura Ardan
Artist Affiliate: Clarinet Instructor
Dan Baraszu Headshot
Dan Baraszu
Artist Affiliate: Jazz Guitar Instructor
Lynn Wood Bertrand Headshot
Lynn Wood Bertrand
Associate Professor Emeritus
Burlington Road Building, Room 332
Paul Bhasin Headshot
Paul Bhasin
Director of Orchestral Studies
Schwartz Center for Performing Arts, 321
Martha Bishop Headshot
Martha Bishop
Artist Affiliate: Viola da Gamba Instructor
Emily Brebach Headshot
Emily Brebach
Artist Affiliate: Oboe Instructor
Justin Chesarek Headshot
Justin Chesarek
Artist Affiliate: Jazz Percussion Instructor
Elena Cholakova Headshot
Elena Cholakova
Director of Piano Studies
Burlington Road Building, Room 309
Jay Christy Headshot
Jay Christy
Artist Affiliate: Violin Instructor
Maria Clark Headshot
Maria Clark
Artist Affiliate: Vocal Instructor
Melissa Cox Headshot
Melissa Cox
Senior Lecturer of Music Theory
Burlington Road Building, Room 329
Stephen A. Crist Headshot
Stephen A. Crist
Chair, Department of Music
Burlington Road Building, Room 328
Michael Cruse Headshot
Michael Cruse
Artist Affiliate: Jazz Brass
Emily Daggett Smith Headshot
Emily Daggett Smith
Artist Affiliate: Violin Instructor
Patricia Dinkins-Matthews Headshot
Patricia Dinkins-Matthews
Lecturer of Piano, Music Theory, & Collaborative Piano
Burlington Road Building, Room 317
Jason Eklund Headshot
Jason Eklund
Artist Affiliate: Instructor in Horn
Burlington Road Building, Room 326
Laura Emmery Headshot
Laura Emmery
Associate Professor of Music Theory
Burlington Road Building, Room 334
Luther Enloe Headshot
Luther Enloe
Artist Affiliate: Guitar Instructor
Simone McGaw Evans Headshot
Simone McGaw Evans
Artist Affiliate: Voice Instructor
Burlington Road Building, Room 310
Karen Freer Headshot
Karen Freer
Artist Affiliate: Cello Instructor
Adam Frey Headshot
Adam Frey
Artist Affiliate: Euphonium Instructor
Anthony Georgeson Headshot
Anthony Georgeson
Artist Affiliate: Bassoon Instructor
Marci Gurnow Headshot
Marci Gurnow
Artist Affiliate: Clarinet Instructor
Roy Harran Headshot
Roy Harran
Artist Affiliate: Cello Instructor
Bradley Howard Headshot
Bradley Howard
Director of Vocal Studies
Burlington Road Building 311
Randy Hunter Headshot
Randy Hunter
Artist Affiliate: Jazz Woodwinds
Maho A. Ishiguro Headshot
Maho A. Ishiguro
Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology
BRB 303
Kevin C. Karnes Headshot
Kevin C. Karnes
Associate Dean for the Arts
Schwarz Center for the Performing Arts, Rm 318
Yinzi Kong Headshot
Yinzi Kong
Artist Affiliate: Viola Instructor
Michael Kurth Headshot
Michael Kurth
Artist Affiliate: Double Bass Instructor
Mark Maliniak Headshot
Mark Maliniak
Artist Affiliate: Trumpet
Bethany Grace Mamola Headshot
Bethany Grace Mamola
Visiting Assistant Professor of Vocal Studies
Adam Mirza Headshot
Adam Mirza
Assistant Professor of Composition
Michael Moore Headshot
Michael Moore
Artist Affiliate: Tuba Instructor
Gary Motley Headshot
Gary Motley
Professor of Performance
Burlington Road Building, Room 305
William Paul Murphy Headshot
William Paul Murphy
Artist Affiliate: Viola Instructor
Eric Nelson Headshot
Eric Nelson
Professor of Music
Schwartz Center for Performing Arts, Room 301
Ed Nicholson Headshot
Ed Nicholson
Artist Affiliate: Trombone Instructor
Gary Paulo Headshot
Gary Paulo
Artist affiliate: Saxophone Instructor
Scott Pollard Headshot
Scott Pollard
Artist Affiliate: Percussion Instructor
Todd Qualls Headshot
Todd Qualls
Artist Affiliate: Piano Instructor
William Ransom Headshot
William Ransom
Mary Emerson Professor of Piano
Schwartz Center, Room 336
Elisabeth Remy-Johnson Headshot
Elisabeth Remy-Johnson
Artist Affiliate: Harp Instructor
Chris Riggenbach Headshot
Chris Riggenbach
Artist Affiliate: Jazz Bass Instructor
Don Saliers Headshot
Don Saliers
William R. Cannon Distinguished Professor of Theology and Worship, Emeritus
Meredith Schweig Headshot
Meredith Schweig
Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology
Burlington Road Building, Room 331
Heidi Senungetuk Headshot
Heidi Senungetuk
Visiting Assistant Professor
Deborah Thoreson Slover Headshot
Deborah Thoreson Slover
Senior Lecturer Emeritus
Christina Smith Headshot
Christina Smith
Artist Affiliate: Flute Instructor
Hanna Song Headshot
Hanna Song
Artist Affiliate: Collaborative Piano
Burlington Road Building, Room 215
Erika Tazawa Headshot
Erika Tazawa
Artist Affiliate: Collaborative Piano
Burlington Road Building, Room 215
Michael Tiscione Headshot
Michael Tiscione
Artist Affiliate: Trumpet
Amy Trotz Headshot
Amy Trotz
Artist Affiliate: Horn Instructor
Shelly Unger Headshot
Shelly Unger
Artist Affiliate: Bassoon Instructor
Guang Wang Headshot
Guang Wang
Artist Affiliate: Cello Instructor
Kristin Wendland Headshot
Kristin Wendland
Professor of Pedagogy
Burlington Road Building, Room 333
Jessica Wu Headshot
Jessica Wu
Artist Affiliate: Violin Instructor
Mark Yancich Headshot
Mark Yancich
Artist Affiliate: Percussion Instructor
Katherine Young Headshot
Katherine Young
Assistant Professor of Composition
James Zellers Headshot
James Zellers
Artist Affiliate: Flute Instructor
Nathan Zgonc Headshot
Nathan Zgonc
Artist Affiliate: Trombone