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Voice Auditions

  • Supplemental Information

    Voice Solo Supplement Information for Prospective Students

    The following information is for solo vocal supplements to be considered in the application process.  For auditions to be considered for scholarships, please see the prospective student auditions page.

    In requesting supplements we work closely with admissions in the recruitment of students who wish to participate in music at Emory, regardless of their major or planned area of study.

    Vocal Studies at Emory includes traditional Western classical music including opera, musical theater, and classical art song repertoire.

    Supplements are not required.  However if you choose to send them, please review the department of music’s website and refer to the list below:

    • Video recordings are preferred.  Clear, simple or phone recordings are acceptable.
    • Please provide links to videos on YouTube instead of sending items to download.
    • Please confirm permission settings for viewing videos ensuring we can open them.
    • Please use a recorded accompaniment that is set at a balanced volume.
    • There are no time limits.  However, there is limited time to review supplements.
    • Solo supplements only, please.  Please do not send choral or other ensemble videos.
    • Please use your own judgement to produce supplements.
    • Given the number of solo, vocal supplements received, email responses may be limited.
  • Scholarship Auditions

    • Prepare three solo songs in contrasting styles.  Must be memorized.
      • an art song in English from the 20th or 21st century
      • an art song in a foreign language
      • additional song in any style that demonstrates vocal talent
    • Prepare to demonstrate the ability to successfully and accurately:
      • identify key signatures
      • sing major, minor, and chromatic scales
      • sing sight-reading and rhythmic readings
      • perform aural skills tests including melodic and rhythmic recall
    • Students are evaluated on the basis of tone quality, intonation, technique, rhythmic precision, musicianship, expressiveness and sight-reading ability.
    • We may ask for additional materials before scheduling a live audition including music and academic resumés, repertoire lists, etc.
    • At this time all live auditions occur online using Zoom and include testing of  the skills listed above. 
    • Please create links to videos of your solo song performances with recorded accompaniments and send them to me before your scheduled Zoom audition. 
    • Email Bradley Howard,, to schedule Zoom auditions and to send links to videos.