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BA in Music: Performance Track

Audition required to declare the Performance Track. Students also need to complete a Music Major Track Selection form online and submit.

Performance (12 hrs)

  • MUS 300 Ensemble (4 hrs)
  • MUS 320 Applied Music (8 hrs)
  • In order to enroll in MUS 320 Applied Lessons for Music Majors, students pursuing the performance track must be co-enrolled in a primary ensemble in the same semester.*
  • Students pursuing the Performance Track are encouraged to enroll in Applied Music and Ensembles every semester until graduation. A total of 16 hours of MUS 300 and MUS 320 will count toward the 124 hours for graduation.

*The primary ensembles that fulfill the requirement for the music major are Collaborative Piano, Concert Choir, Guitar Ensemble, Emory Jazz Ensembles, Emory Symphony Orchestra, University Chorus, and Emory Wind Ensemble.

Theory/Analysis (15 hrs)

  • MUS 121
  • MUS 122
  • MUS 221

History/Culture (9 hrs)

  • MUS 200 Music, Culture, and Society
  • History & Culture Category A: choose one course
  • History & Culture Category A or B: choose one course

Electives (9 hrs)

  • Choose one advanced theory and analysis course or history and culture course from the following list: MUS 222, MUS 245, MUS 350, MUS 444, or one course from History/Culture/Theory Category C.
  • Choose two electives at the 200-level or higher from any of the department's offerings.

Optional: If approved, a student may present a solo recital during the junior or senior year. Students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher may submit a proposal to present an honors recital in the music performance track. See Honors Program guidelines for detailed information.