Wanda Yang Temko


Jenny BledsoeWanda is a professional singer and voice teacher. She graduated Emory in 1992 as a double major in Psychology and Liberal Studies. While at Emory she was very active in music classes, ensembles, and music performances:

* took 3 years of voice lessons via the Boykin Scholarship

* took a year of Music Theory and Wagnerian Opera with Dr. Ben Arnold

* sang in University Chorus and Concert Choir all four years under Dr. Alfred Calabrese

* performed in the Emory Wind Ensemble for one semester

* performed with Ad Hoc Productions, Theater Emory, and also directed a few musicals for Ad Hoc

* Went on tour to Normandy and Paris with Dr. Calabrese and Concert Choir in Summer, 1992

Wanda stated that "Dr. Calabrese was the first person in her life who told her she could have a career in music, and without his inspiration and guidance, she would not have become a professional musician." The Miriam Boykin Scholarship gave her a chance to study voice with Mac Morgan, an invaluable education opportunity. She said "I will be eternally grateful for the artistry and excellence the Music Department at Emory instilled in me at such a young age. I am a musician because of Emory."