Elizabeth Davis Racheva


Elizabeth RachevaShe is a peripatetic wife and mother of two/Vice President of External Affairs and Patron Engagement at the Curtis Institute of Music/Artist at heart and on stage

She is involved with fundraising and oversee’s brand positioning, communications, marketing, public relations, and visual identity, as well as advancement data services, for the Curtis Institute of Music, one of the world's leading conservatories. When her family commitments allow—and the right project comes knocking—she still very much enjoys singing professionally for recital series, chamber music groups, and symphony orchestras in Philadelphia and nationally.

While at Emory she participated in: University Chorus and Concert Choir; Concert Choir tour of Europe in 1995; honors thesis study; opera and song literature and diction, music history and music theory across a range of eras and styles, music of Northern India, and piano proficiency.

Her music major experience prepared her to think critically and creatively; to develop intellectual and interdisciplinary curiosity; to cultivate a respect for disciplined practice and time management; and to learn the value of collaboration and dialogue. These are all skills she has applied throughout her career and life, on a path that she couldn't have predicted during her undergraduate years.

Whether curating and producing concerts as artistic director of an art song series in Dallas following her graduate work at Peabody, negotiating and working with designers to market a season of more than 200 performances worldwide for Curtis, or multitasking and balancing her personal and professional priorities, her studies in the Emory music department—and the lifelong relationships she developed there—equipped her to lead a rich, full life informed by the transformative power and beauty of music and the arts.