Caroline Marcum


Caroline MarcumCaroline is the Lower School music teacher at The Howard School, in Midtown, Atlanta (since 2011). She said that long before she entered college she knew she wanted to make music her career, and that Emory was the perfect place where her dream could become a realization.  Emory helped her to see that her dream was possible by providing her with so many opportunities to grow as a musician during her four years as an undergraduate music major. From the exposure to guest musicians and the opportunity to speak and interact with them, to the numerous and interesting course options that were available such as: 

* Music Theory

* Music Omposition I and II

* Ochestration

* Music of India and China

* Electronic Music I and II

* History of Jazz

* Traditional Irish Music

* Music History

* U-Chorus

* Javanese Gamelan

While at Emory, Caroline studied piano with Dr. William Ransom, and with artist affiliate Keiko Ransom.  She graduated Emory College in 2004, as a well-rounded and ever-curious musician, prepared to utilize her knowledge and further her studies in music education at the Eastman School of Music.