Yi-Ching Lin


Yi-Ching LiAs Director of Learning Services, Yi-Ching Lin works with Philanthropy New York's members, partners, and staff to design, develop, and implement the organization’s educational programs and events.  Yi-Ching manages and evaluates PNY’s program strategy to strengthen and expand program offerings to foster meaningful collaboration and knowledge exchange within philanthropy and between philanthropy and other sectors.

She describes in the paragraph below, how her experiences in the Music Department impacted her life and the path she has chosen.

"I am so grateful to my parents, my teachers/mentors, and my peers for my Emory education.  It was a special time for all of us in the Music Department - students and teachers alike - as we expanded from the Humanities to the Burlington Road Building (BRB), our home away from home.  When we were at BRB, we were really at BRB, body and spirit, on the edge of the Emory campus, practicing alone and/or together and creating a nurturing and inclusive artist community.  This unique experience has prepared me for the path to social profit, providing professional development for staff at 285+ grantmaking organizations in the New York region and nurturing the growth of a vibrant learning community for effective philanthropy on a local, national, and global scale."

While at Emory, Yi-Ching participated in the following ensembles:

Chamber Ensemble (1995-1999)
Emory Sinfonietta (1996-1998)
Emory Chamber Ensemble (1996-1998)
Atlanta-Emory Orchestra (1997-1999)
Emory Gamelan Ensemble (1996-1998)