Jason Caplan


Jenny BledsoeJason Caplan lives in Richmand, VA with his wife and two daughters. He is growing a financial practice and a non-profit, The Bridge Institute to establish "The Universal Language Room;" teaching jazz communication to all people, in a collaborative, community setting. He is currently working with a team of musicians and tech specialists to establish the project across the nation and globe.

He describes in the paragraph below, how his experiences in the Music Department impacted his life and the path he has chosen.

"It started with Dr. Gary Motley's Jazz instruction class both group and private, Dr. Dwight Andrew's History of Jazz, and Classical Lessons with Charles Duncan. I have kept in touch with Dr. Gary Motley ever since I graduated Emory. He taught me the critical lesson of storytelling within music. I was very committed to scales, chords, and learning songs. I remember one day he was sitting at his piano, and he asked me what I was trying to say through the music. He said technique is important, but an artist tells a story. An jazz musician starts in one place, and takes the listener on a journey. At an early point in my music career, playing shows in NYC, I decided that I was simply having too much fun on stage, and the audience should really be up there with the group. I aspire to give the direct experience of telling a story through improvisation music to everyone.  It is simply a joyous experience. I have spent 15 years working on this project, and always reached back to my college days as inspiration to keep going when the challenges were seemingly very great."