Artist Affiliate Spotlight

The Emory University Department of Music’s Artist Affiliates are world-class artists whose contributions to the performance discipline are truly remarkable. As applied practitioners, our Affiliates make meaningful, regular contributions to their discipline in much the same way that Emory’s renowned science faculty practice cutting-edge research and techniques. Since Emory views performance as generative scholarship, it is our Affiliates' exemplary portfolio of real-world, practical activity that helps to maintain Emory’s stature as a top-20 research institution.

Stuart Stephenson, Trumpet Artist Affiliate Our Artist Affiliate in Trumpet, Stuart Stephenson (Principal Trumpet, Atlanta Symphony) performs regularly at the world-class Aspen Music Festival in addition to his duties in the Atlanta Symphony.
Christina Smith, Flute Artist Affiliate Our Artist Affiliate in Flute, Christina Smith (Principal Flute, Atlanta Symphony) has been invited to serve as guest Principal Flute of the Chicago Symphony on its European Tour.
Laura Ardan, Clarinet Artist Affiliate Our Artist Affiliate in Clarinet, Laura Ardan, (Principal Clarinet, Atlanta Symphony) recently performed the world-premiere of Michael Gandolfi’s Concerto for Clarinet -- a substantive contribution to the clarinet literature.
Vega String Quartet The Vega String Quartet (Emory’s string quartet-in-residence and among our Artist Affiliates in the strings area) appear regularly in performance nationally and internationally, including a recent concert at Vienna’s Musikverein.

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