Current & Incoming Students Audition Information

For Ensembles, Music Major, and Private Lessons for academic credit, students will audition IN PERSON at the beginning of Every Fall Semester. Auditions must be completed by the end of the schedule change period.

Schedule an audition via eAudition FOR THESE ENSEMBLES ONLY: EUSO (Emory University Symphony Orchestra), EWE (Emory Wind Ensemble), and EJE (Emory Jazz Ensemble). 

See additional audition information below:

University Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, & Chamber Music

Emory Wind EnsembleStudents should prepare two contrasting excerpts: one lyrical in a moderate tempo and one technical in a faster tempo from the standard solo or etude repertoire for your instrument. Approximately 4 minutes of music total is appropriate. (One selection that contains both of these elements is also acceptable).  Some scales may be requested and a sight-reading excerpt may be provided. Students are evaluated on the basis of tone quality, intonation, rhythmic accuracy, musicianship, expressiveness, and reading ability.

Please refer to the Emory Wind Ensemble website for more details.

Percussion-specific audition information can be found here.

These auditions (excluding jazz) are held in the Schwartz Center. Enter via the North Lobby (facing the Goizueta Business School courtyard) to the hallway outside of room 210 - please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your audition time - to check in and warm up.

Dr. Paul Bhasin
Director of Wind Studies
Emory University Symphony Orchestra
Emory Wind Ensemble

Jazz Ensembles and Combos

Big band performanceStudents should prepare two jazz standards with contrasting tempos and styles demonstrating their ability to state the melody, improvise and interact within a live trio or quartet setting. Pianists and guitarists should demonstrate their ability to comp and solo. Bassists should demonstrate their ability to create a walking bass line. Drummers should demonstrate their ability to use sticks, brushes and mallets and play contrasting styles such as swing (medium and up-tempo, bossa nova, etc.)

Recommended tunes include: "Just Friends", "Out of Nowhere", "Time After Time", "Blue Bossa", "Straight, No Chaser", etc. Students will be required to sight read as a part of the audition. All jazz ensemble auditions are held at the beginning of the fall semester, sign-up through eAudition.

Gary Motley

Director of Jazz Studies

Instrumental Lessons

Students should refer to the ensemble audition guidelines for their intrument listed above and contact the corresponding faculty member.

Concert Choir

Audition is required. Students should bring a prepared piece, if possible. Ability to sightread is imperative.

Please visit the Concert Choir webpage for more details.

Dr. Eric Nelson
Director of Concert Choir

University Chorus

Audition Schedule:

For the most up-to-date audition schedule, visit the following website:


Schwartz Center for Performing Arts

Enter the building on the side opposite of North Decatur Road

Parking available in the Fishburne Parking Deck next to Schwartz

Audition Process: Scales, tonal memory, sight reading, and a short, unaccompanied song of your choice (My County 'Tis of Thee, Amazing Grace, etc.)  

Rehearsals: Mondays, 7:30-9:30 p.m.

Dr. Eric Nelson
Director of University Chorus

For questions please send email to:

Vocal Auditions: Voice Major/Voice Lessons

Singers interested in auditioning for the vocal program may contact Bradley Howard, Director of Vocal Studies, to schedule a meeting. They may audition during their first visit to campus or upon arrival as a freshman.  All prospective students should send a link directly to Professor Howard and, in addition, include the link in their college application as they consider Emory.
Repertoire should consist of two contrasting, memorized songs representing classical, sacred, folk, or musical theater genres. Please do not submit pop songs.  If singing a live audition, the student must provide piano-vocal scores for both songs to the pianist. Also included in the audition are sight-reading and aural skills tests.  Students are encouraged to send links of their performances. Students are evaluated on the basis of tone quality, intonation, technique, rhythmic precision, musicianship, expressiveness, and reading ability.

Bradley Howard
Director of Vocal Studies


Luther Enloe
Guitar Instructor


Students should prepare two contrasting works from memory that demonstrate their level of musical and technical achievement. Sight-reading will be included.

Dr. Elena Cholakova
Director of Piano Studies

Collaborative Piano

Pianists interested in performing chamber music literature with another instrument may enroll in Collaborative Piano.

Elena Cholakova
Lecturer, Piano

south indianWorld Music Ensembles

Javanese gamelan, Korean Percussion, and North Indian classical music. No auditions necessary; requirements for prior musical experience may vary for each ensemble.

Scott Kugle
Associate Professor of South Asian and Islamic Studies

General questions regarding the undergraduate music performance program should be directed to:

Dr. Paul Bhasin
Emory University Symphony Orchestra
Emory Wind Ensemble