Honors Program in Music

Students may complete an honors project in music in several different areas or combinations thereof: composition, culminating in a recital of original compositions; performance, culminating in a solo recital accompanied by program notes; research, culminating in a written thesis; or hybrid, honors project that combines research with either performance or composition. A hybrid research/performance honors project culminates in a half recital (30 minutes) coupled with a 25-40 page written thesis. Projects should represent high achievement within the undergraduate academic setting, on a par with the best undergraduate work at any academic institution. Honors projects that combine areas must meet the stated requirements for both the areas being combined. Students with an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher may submit a proposal for an honors project in music. The deadline for submission is March 1 of the junior year.

Procedures to Submit Proposal 

  1. In the first week of October and the first week of November a “Call for Proposals for Honors Projects” is sent to all junior music majors with a 3.5 GPA or above.
  2. By January 15th of the Junior year, student should schedule a meeting with the Honors Coordinator to go over the Emory College Honors Program as it is fulfilled in the Music Department. In this meeting the student should have a general idea about the recital repertoire or research questions to be investigated, and should have approached the faculty member who will serve as the primary advisor for the honors project. Artist Affiliates are not to be named primary advisors but may serve on the committee. The primary advisor will need to agree to provide regular guidance and input to the student. In the case of performance honors where the applied instructor is an artist affiliate, the primary advisor and artist affiliate will work together in advising the student and assuring that appropriate deadlines are met. In every case the student should inform any faculty involved about the time and commitment required.
  3. By March 1st of the Junior year, prospective honors students must submit a written proposal (detailed below) to the Honors Coordinator for distribution to the full faculty of the Music Department. The Honors proposal must be signed by the primary advisor and artist affiliate, if applicable. Faculty consideration of an honors proposal will be based on student eligibility, the merit of the proposed recital program, portfolio, or research project, and the faculty advisor’s assessment of the student’s work at that juncture. The music faculty will approve or deny the project by May 1. Approval is given based on the vote of the music faculty. Any changes of personnel, including primary faculty advisor or applied music instructor, will void approval of the proposed project. Once approved the student must meet with the Honors Coordinator and agree to meet all deadlines associated with the project. Performance and Composition Honors students must schedule dates and times with the appropriate Schwartz Center staff, keeping in mind that all honors projects must be complete before the second week of April.

For information, contact:

Lynn Bertrand
Honors Coordinator

General Procedures to Submit a Proposal

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