Composition Track

Requirements for the BA in Music: Composition Track

To declare a music major in the Composition Track, students must first take MUS 121 Theory and Analysis I, and one semester of MUS 349R Composition. Upon completion of these two courses, students may complete a Music Major Track Selection Form online and submit.

Theory/Analysis (18 hrs)

  • MUS 121
  • MUS 122
  • MUS 221
  • MUS 222

Composition (14 hrs)

  • MUS 349R (4 semesters)
  • MUS 445 Orchestration
  • MUS 347 Electronic Music

History/Culture (6 hrs)

  • MUS 200 Music, Culture, and Society
  • History & Culture Category A or B: choose one course

Performance (4 hrs)

  • Choose any combination of MUS 300 Ensembles and/or MUS 320 Applied

Electives (3 hrs)


  • MUS 444 Counterpoint
  • MUS 350 Music since 1945
  • MUS 367 Computer Music Composition

Optional:  If approved, a student may present a recital of original compositions during the junior or senior year.  Students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher may submit a proposal to present an honors recital in the music composition track. See honors guidelines for detailed information. Click here for more information.